These loans are designed to help first-time
home buyers and other qualified individuals
achieve the American dream of
homeownership. They typically require a
lower down payment. You may qualify for a
FHA loan even if you have a foreclosure in
your past.


The Department of Veterans Affairs guarantees loans made to
veterans. These loans require little to no down payment. Just as
with FHA loans, you may qualify for a VA loan even if you have a
foreclosure in your past.


Depending on your property location and income, you may be
eligible for a USDA loan, designed to encourage home ownership in
rural communities.


These loans usually offer the best interest rates, but require a
higher down payment.


Jumbo loans are those that exceed the maximum loan amount
acceptable in the other loan programs. Loan amounts exceed
$484,400 fall in the jumbo loan category.


A reverse mortgage makes it possible for homeowners 62 or older to
convert their home equity into a home loan with deferred
payments. In most cases, those payments can be deferred for as
long as the homeowner remains living in the home as their primary
residence and does not default on certain obligations such as taxes
or insurance. Reverse mortgages can also provide qualifying
homeowners with tax-free loan proceeds which is typically used to
make retirement more enjoyable, finance housing improvements, or
to permit retirees to remain in their own home throughout their
retirement so long as the borrower pays property taxes,
homeowners insurance and costs associated with home


Within these major loan program groups, we offer a variety of
different options depending on your needs and the property you are
attempting to finance.
  • Fixed interest rate loan
  • Adjustable rate mortgage
  • 15-, 20- or 30-year term*
  • Single-family residence
  • New construction
  • Condo
  • Multiple-unit property
  • Manufactured home

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